So, there i was minding my own business when in walked Jan and Sunny.  But i wasn’t there and they spoke over the television so i couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t hear me. They were loud and i was pissed because now i would never know which asthma inhaler to buy if i got asthma. Or which catheter for my ballooning prostate. Or burial insurance so i don’t stick it to Jan by dying poor.  But, that’s ok because i’m not here and nothing bad can happen to invisible people, right?  Goddamn those Crossfit girls are ripped.  Jan and Sunny aren’t Crossfit girls, they are throw a fit girls so i remain lower case and invisible.  Walking by Sunny asks Jan if i still write shitty poems and stories.  Jan doesn’t know and i stay under the radar where they can’t see me, eyes now closed like i’m dead and expensive.  The poems and stories hide behind me with their eyes closed, invisible and dead.  Jan can’t bury those.


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