Paragraph 1.1

Sunny has freaky feet (she also does freaky feats but that’s a sweaty story).  Her middle toe is long, long, long.  Not the nail, the toe.  When naked her foot flips you the finger full time.  She must jam her toe all the time, like stub the thing against everything.  Painted a different color from its shoe-mates the toe smugly says, “Look, I’m freaky, dig it?” in a nipple piercing sort of way.  Part of me wants to torque it way back toward her ankle and break it off like a green twig, another part wants to bite it. Sunny does that, makes you feel dirty and angry all at once.  I know Sunny’s real name but it’s private and I’ve only used it once, repeatedly.  Jan and Sunny are BFF.  Jan scowls when Sunny smiles, they pollute each other’s happiness and seem to like it that way.


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