The Bishop’s Door

The Bishop’s Door

if closed, is always locked

but not by brass or steel


The Bishop’s Door

is a barrier formidable

guarded by the ghost of holiness


The Bishop’s Door

demands confession

admission and contrition


The Bishop’s Door

requires you bare your soul

regardless the man


The Bishop’s Door

is the gateway to heaven

the straight and narrow gate


The Bishop’s Door

behind which a man can be a man

and an angel do the work of a devil.


Is your heart behind The Bishop’s Door?


Yeah, Whatever

OK, I’m ready to talk.

Yeah, whatever.

Seriously, you’ve been begging for

me to communicate and I’m ready to talk.

Yeah, whatever.

I emptied the savings account

and invested in 6 kilos of uncut cocaine.

Yeah, whatever.

I love you more than life itself

Yeah, whatever.


See, you do it too!

Caught you!   My habit is made good

by your indiscretion.

I have waited for this

waited to spring

waited to validate

to eviscerate

and now I have a coup

I am freed from guilt

or shame or any negative thing.

It’s on you.  It’s all you.



What the fuck was that?

Why does everybody say that.

It was a fucking IED.

A bunch of old rusty shit

balled together

and tearing the fuck out

of anything near it.

Planned for the unfortunate opportunity

Detonated with spite and malice

Hoping only to hurt.

Son of a bitch that was

a  loud and terrible expectation realized.