Put down your gun

I’m hit

bleeding and dead

I just don’t have the energy

to be hit



Go ahead and reload

you can’t do anything but

bust another cap

plink at me

it don’t matter if I run

plink plink plink

full of holes my can is forever

ready to bleed.







when you say, “I can’t say anything right”

what does that say about what I say?

because if you can’t hear why bother

saying anything at all?


Too lazy, too rude

too wrong to be heard right

Somewhere, someone

must be able to say it well

or think it not at all.


I think thinking is perilous

a switchback switchblade

used to stab the unintentful.

talking is just walking on your tongue.

Bite me

Bite me

I’m sweet hyperglycemic

Salted like caramel

Spoon fed on tootsie rolls

Come on, bite me.


Bite me

Taste the ocean in my veins

Not fishy, elite

or gross

Bite me, why don’tcha?


Bite me

My lip or tongue it’s a pain

I can bear

Grisly and red

Come on, bite me


Do you want me enough

To bite me?

You always do

it is tradition

Bite me dammit

so things won’t change.