Stand there, hollow a moment.

Compose yourself,  in the whirlwind.

Sharpen your flat, staccato.

Minor key of your major tune.


I cannot dance

to such dissonance.

I cannot sing

so confused a song.


Do you want me to leave the stage

trip on the footlights

fall in flames on the director

I can’t don’t and won’t hate you.



Some Day

Let me tell you about the end because there’s always

an end.

The obliteration comes so slowly, a surprise

when it arrives.

How does nothing sneak up on you?

Slowly, ever so.


A creeping dot never near, now here

how did we get to this place,

so old, messed up, fat.


Something that can never get here

always does.




I was cursed at birth

labored under a dark sun

in a cloudy world where failure was feared



I grew up on a planet where

exposure, shame and death

were surrounding us

blocking the sun



I worried that I would

become the cloud

blocking the warm rays

and bright happiness

of a son that was shaded from me



It will not stop

it will not sleep

it will not wait, pause or ponder

Unrelenting to eclipse

bend, break or hide

the light that would reach me.


save yourself

while you can

save yourself